Veinlite PEDI2® - Paediatric Vein Finder

Introducing the newest progression in vein imaging the Veinlite PEDI2® which removes all of the complications with venipuncture procedures, eliminating the use of multiple sticks and allowing you to treat paediatric patients easier than ever. 

The original Veinlite PEDI® was tested and resoundingly proven to push first-stick success rates to 93%, making it one of the most reliable and accurate devices for paediatrics.

The PEDI2® improves on every aspect of the original Veinlite PEDI®, with innovative changes such as 3 level brightness control, an increase to the imaging area, and improved battery life.

How It Works:

  • The Veinlite PEDI2 utilises a patented transillumination technique known as side-transillumination and an orange LED light. A ring of bright light from orange and red LEDs is shone through a clear plastic LED window and focused below the skin surface and towards the ring’s centre.
  • This highly focused light creates a volume of illumination, with the central focus acting as a virtual light source underneath the skin.
  • This technique achieves uniform projection of a small region of tissue anywhere on the body.
  • The orange light is selected because of high absorption in venous blood. The red LEDs have high penetration in darkly pigmented skins. The combination of the two provides optimal imaging of a patient's veins.


  • Battery powered (2x AAA Batteries), with automatic battery-saving off timer. 
  • Lightweight - 29g including batteries. 
  • Compact size for better usage on paediatric patients through to adolescents. 
  • Light intensity can be increased with up to 3 levels of brightness. 
  • Imaging area is increased to nearly double of the original PEDI®.
  • Tested and passed standards and guidelines from the American CDC (Centres For Disease Control) for infection control.

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